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3 Romantic Cabins in New Mexico

Feb 15, 2024 | Uncategorized

For those unfamiliar with New Mexico, one might not realize that there’s a plethora of forests blanketing many parts of this seemingly sparse state. In fact, New Mexico is a top option for a mountain retreat, one where you can experience that Twilight-esque nostalgia that comes with venturing into the woods. There’s something indescribably special about waking up on a misty morning brought on by a crisp, rainy night and the smell of the moist soil wafting through the window. The thought of the pine tree-lined hillsides leading to even fainter snow-capped mountain ridges has me swooning over my Cabin in the Woods board on Pinterest. If the aforementioned moody vibes stirs the same whimsy for you as well, consider renting one of these romantic cabins in New Mexico for your next mountain getaway. 

1. That Little Cabin

Tucked away in a forested neighborhood in Angel Fire, this retro-inspired cabin comes with a firepit and elevated balcony. This cozy setup is particularly conducive to roasting marshmallows on a crisp night in the mountains. 

And, truth be told, That Little Cabin is not actually that little – in addition to a primary bedroom upstairs, there are sleeping quarters downstairs that sleep up to six people, resulting in accommodations for 8 guests. This makes this a great option for parents looking to celebrate a romantic getaway whilst enjoying time with the whole family. 

This cabin is not actually that little– in addition to the master bedroom upstairs it also offers a downstairs sleeping quarters that can accommodate up to six people. 

Another perk about this property is while you are fully immersed in the forest, you’re also a 5 minute drive from the town square of Angel Fire as well as all the main attractions like the ski resort if you wish to ski locally. If you want to make the trek to the world renowned Taos Ski Valley, it’s a 1.5 hour drive.

In addition to the sleeping quarters separated by an additional second floor, That Little Cabin comes complete with a full kitchen featuring granite countertops and all the amenities needed to cook to the extent of your heart’s desire. This enables a great date-night option for those couples looking for a romantic night in. 

The cabin’s interior has been thoughtfully decorated with vintage items like thermoses, camp memorabilia, and themed coffee table books such as “How To Stay Alive in the Woods”. In short: This spot is giving summer camp in the 80’s vibes and we’re here for it.

The location provides a great perk as well. The cabin is fully immersed in the forest, yet only a 5 minute drive from the town square of Angel Fire, and close to main attractions like the Angel Fire Resort. A bit further afield, world-renowned Taos Ski Valley is just over an hour away. 

Lastly, my favorite thing about staying at That Little Cabin is the New Mexico-themed care package that included piñon coffee, a sage stick, local salsa, a Taos Bakes snack, and a pamphlet giving information on the property and attractions nearby. These thoughtful details and practical information are much appreciated … and often overlooked in vacation rentals. 

If you’re looking for something secluded yet close enough to civilization, That Little Cabin might be one of the best romantic cabins in New Mexico.

2. 41 Twining

This classic A-frame cabin is in a primo location at the base of Twining Road, so just a couple of minutes from the Taos Ski Valley entrance with the ability to ski-in ski-out to and from Lift 1 in the winter. Additionally, world-class hiking trails are just outside the door, making this the perfect headquarters for forest frolicking. Another perk of this property – and a rare feature in these parts – is the oversized covered carport that you’ll especially appreciate in the winter months.

In addition to the primary bedroom on the top level, there are two additional bedrooms on the lower level. One has two bunk beds and a sleeper sofa making this a great accommodation option for family vacations. The second bedroom on this level comes equipped with a queen sized bed, large window with a view of the forest, and a large dresser to maximize the limited space of this room. This cabin is strategically spread out over three stories making it spacious enough to comfortably host a full house while not compromising on coziness. Oh, and the lower level also has a laundry room, bench for gearing up, and direct access to the trail to Lift 1. What more do you need for a comfortable ski rental?

This cabin has a large fully equipped kitchen, and walk-in pantry stocked with all the basic necessities to prepare a home-cooked meal – a short-term-rental rarity. 

What makes this cabin extra special and one of the most romantic cabins in New Mexico is the wood burning stove that awaits you after your soak in the hot tub, nestled amongst the pine trees under a canopy of  stars.

3. Southwest Tiny Cabin

This cabin is located near Uptown, Albuquerque, and by virtue of its geographical location, is not a cabin in the forest, but nevertheless a peaceful haven. 

The Southwest Tiny Cabin’s design is particularly unique and interesting in that the footprint is only 250 square feet, but with a feeling of spaciousness that derives from the creative use of height and the way in which the home was built vertically. It also has one of the nicest kitchens and bathrooms I’ve ever seen in a tiny home. The kitchen is equipped to actually cook in and has plenty of counter space – such a rarity in so many kitchens, and especially those in tiny homes. The black quartz countertops make for easy cleanup and a high-end modern appearance. 

We find the black quartz in the bathroom as well, which feels much larger than it is by virtue of the material’s highly reflective quality. The use of the wood paired with the black accents gives this tiny cabin a modern and industrial aesthetic which elicits an overall lofty feel – exactly what you want in a tiny space. 

Overall, the property designer nailed the aesthetic and functionality. There’s even a designated gated parking spot for guests so you don’t have to worry about parking or leaving your car unattended. 

These romantic cabins in New Mexico are the perfect options for your next lovers’ getaway. These cabins are all special and unique in their own way, but my favorite thing all three of these rentals have in common is the attention that went into the design and creation by the hosts. The next time you’re looking for a destination for you and your loved ones, don’t forgo The Land of Enchantment as an option and consider renting one of these three romantic cabins in New Mexico.

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